JCK Magazine - April 1, 2019 by AMY ELLIOTT

Jewelry retailers hoping to capitalize on the well-documented popularity of hexagonal diamonds may want to pay attention to something happening today over at Gem Breakfast. Called the #sexyhexyproject, it’s an online pop-up and social media campaign that corrals seven one-of-a-kind rings, all featuring hexagonal center diamonds in designs by independent, under-the-radar artisans.










JCK Magazine - April 1, 2020 by AMY ELLIOTT

Exactly a year ago, Catherine Cason, owner of online retailer Gem Breakfast unveiled something called the “Sexy Hexy” project, which involved collaborating with a diamond supplier and challenging seven indie designers to each create a ring with a hexagonal diamond. Part pop-up sale, part social media campaign, the event was entirely successful. Ninety percent of the rings sold out in 48 hours.

Given how Sexy Hexy turned out, Gem Breakfast was naturally ready to come back for seconds, and today’s the day: Starting at 1 p.m. EDT, it’s serving up solitaires.











Vogue - March 27, 2020 by ALEXANDRA MACON

Before the world came to a standstill, Valeska Pretelt and Joshua Board had planned a 55-person wedding dinner at the Brooklyn restaurant L’antagoniste for March 20, 2020. “Josh and I were hell-bent on not letting COVID-19 impact our day,” Valeska says. But ultimately, they didn’t have a choice—a week and a half before their wedding date, they realized that most of their family was unable to fly in. “At this point, we were tuned into news updates, which were coming in every hour, and we made the super-emotional and difficult decision to send out an email letting everyone know we’d be postponing,” Valeska says. “It truly did not feel right bringing that many people together under such uncertainty.”